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Helping restore lives affected by anger


CHAMP's - Children's Healthy Anger Management Programmes. 


Designed for children and young people affected by either their own dysfunctional anger or other people's dysfunctional anger. Can be delivered on a one to one basis or in a group setting for up to six participants.


This programme has been developed to help children and young people understand their anger, build stronger relationships by learning about other people's thoughts and feelings and empower them to take ownership of their behaviour. More info

For Young People


~ Understanding what anger is

~ Learning about core feelings

~ Identifying their anger triggers

~ Recognising anger patterns

~ Taking responsibility for their actions

~ Anger Invitations

~ Anger management tool box

and more.

Key concepts

Key activities

~ Problem solving

~ Practicing social skills

~ Learning and sharing with their peers

~ Developing active listening skills

~ Controlled breathing techniques

~ Practice behavioural self-regulation

~ Keeping personal power

and more.

Helping restore lives affected by anger


How it can help in schools?


* Creates emotionally intelligent children

* Helps teachers to teach rather than deal with problematic behaviour

* Reduces exclusions

* Reduces bullying

* Builds self-esteem, creating a stronger community

* Increases academic performance


To find out whether CHAMP's is suitable for your school, do call 07712727856

For Professionals