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Counselling Standards

Counsellors agreeing to abide by the Counselling Code of Conduct, and who are subsequently entered onto their member database, are also subject to the following complaints procedure:


1. The only person who is entitled to make an official complaint about the standard of work of a particular counsellor is a client, or someone acting in the best interests of a counsellor's clients.


2. All complaints must be made in writing to:

The Charity Co-ordinator, Counselling, Registered Office - as listed on the website


3. The client will be sent an acknowledgement, and further information obtained if necessary. The counsellor will be sent a copy of the complaint and information, and asked to respond directly to 'Counselling'.


4. Independent and impartial persons, who are not members of 'Counselling', will be asked to examine the details of the original complaint together with the counsellor's response, and will seek clarification where required.


5. The independent and impartial persons may:

   a) Find the complaint proved


   b) Find the complaint unproven


6. In the event that the complaint is found proved, the counsellor will be informed that they will:

   a) Have their name deleted from the Database of Trained Counsellors


   b) Not be entitled to use the title: 'CCC Registered Counsellor' or display a Registration Certificate, as this will no longer be a valid document.


7. In the event that the complaint is found proved, the counsellor will be informed about the exact length of time that the sanctions mentioned in paragraph 6 will apply, and any conditions required for their lifting.


8. The client, or person making the complaint, will be notified of the decision.

Independent Complaints Procedure