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Anger Fundamentals

Workshop Description:


This workshop will be delivered within a group setting for participants who are either presenting anger problems or participants working or living with people displaying anger problems and would like to know more about anger, how to deal with it and how to keep it under control.


The model of our workshops are Psycho-educational, this is essentially looking at the theory and methods, such as cognitive (thinking) and affective (feelings). People experiencing or displaying unhealthy behaviour will benefit from psycho-education. The premiss of this approach is that, emotional well-being and appropriate behaviour is established through a clearer understanding and self-knowledge of the individual thus empowering them to deal with their behaviour assertively and independantly.  Emotional and behavioural change is a priniciple achievement at the core of psychoeducation.


Target Participant: Six - eight participants; Adults, Trainers, Teachers, Partners


Workshop Outcomes: Participants will;


* be able to understand the fundamental reasons for anger

* understand what anger is and what anger isn't

* know the causes and processes of anger

* understand anger styles

* learn about anger triggers

* have an increased awareness and understanding of their own anger

* have clarity of other people's anger

* have acquired effective communication and its importance in managing anger

* learn and practice practised (through role play, discussion, groupwork and feedback) effective anger management strategies.


Duration of Course:


Two hours per evening, once a week for 6 weeks.

Alternatively, a condensed version can be delivered for six hours during one day in your workplace.


Dates and Venue:


This workshop has been designed to bring to your workplace or other relevant venue.

Dates can be negotiated.


Workshop Fee:


Contact for details


Trainer: Restoring Lives Team Consultant