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Helping restore lives affected by anger


Have you been affected by anger in a negative way?

Would you like to learn how to deal with anger?

Do you know someone who might benefit from anger management?

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Anger Management

Life Coaching

Are you lacking in focus and motivation?

Have you experienced a trauma and can't seem to return to your normal self?

Do you want direction in your life?

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Restoring Lives is an anger and life restoration service, based in South Norfolk. Our consultant, Tanya Heasley is a highly skilled and qualified anger management specialist with over 16 years experience working with children, young people and adults affected by anger.


Anger restoration is at the core of our vision and our workshops will help participants learn and practice the primary function of anger.


Anger is not meant to be an enemy, but your friend, we can teach you how to make friends with your anger. For more information about us please click here

Who we are?

Helping restore lives affected by anger


We provide anger management workshops, life coaching and a counselling service to those affected by anger.


Life restoration can also be achieved for those who have been affected by other people's unhealthy anger, behavioural problems in children affected by anger and a counselling service for suppressed anger.


Our anger management workshops teach participants how to take ownership of their thoughts and feelings and empower them to gain control of their anger.


We can also train professionals working with people struggling with their anger.

What we do?

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Professionally led psycho-educational workshops in a safe environment for individuals to explore their anger, learn what anger is and isn't and coping strategies for dealing with anger.


Our workshops can help you find answers to your anger questions, empower you to gain control of your anger, restore your anger to it's proper function, build better relationships, help you plant a new life to grow and teach you coping strategies for other people's anger.


Anger Coaching involves helping individuals develop, improve or manage their anger and behaviour by: identifying their anger style, triggers, and recognising their own thoughts and feelings.

What to expect?